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The Find Thirty® campaign is no longer active in Western Australia.

The State Government has funded a new campaign called LiveLighter to encourage Western Australians to take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

LIVE LIGHTER - livelighter.com.au

For the first time, the LiveLighter campaign will take you on a journey inside your own body to highlight the impact our lifestyle choices have on our long-term health.

Take a look at our advertisements on our new website: www.livelighter.com.au

You'll find tools to help you assess your own health risks, along with recipes, tips and other resources. All are designed to support you to eat well and be active.

Visit www.livelighter.com.au now to help make Western Australia a healthier community.


Swap It - Eric Horiz

Swap It, Don't Stop It

The Swap It, Don't Stop It campaign is a national healthy weight campaign developed by the Australian Government and aimed at Australian adults. Eric, an animated balloon character is the face of the campaign. He is encouraging people to make small lifestyle changes to improve their health and reduce their waistline. For more information about the simple everyday swaps you can make to get you on your way to a healthier lifestyle, visit www.swapit.gov.au/wacampaigns.

For more information about how the campaign is being implemented in Western Australia, please call 9388 3343 or email swapitwa@heartfoundation.org.au

Health Professional Information

For more information about these two healthy weight campaigns and other state-wide healthy weight programs, visit www.swapit.gov.au/wacampaigns.

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